Octagon Copper Top Model Wishing Wells are made of natural select wood & have red cedar shake roof with copper top cupola & bucket.

Octagon Copper Top Model Prices

Size Price
Small: 18 1/2″W x 37″H Price: $319.00
Medium: 27″W x 56″H Price: $395.00
Large: 33″W x 72″H Price: $589.00
Extra Large: 41″W x 80″H Price: $959.00

Countryside Model Prices

Size Price
Small: 20″W x 4’H Price: $295.00
Medium: 24″W x 5’H Price: $349.00
Large: 30″W x 6’H Price: $449.00
Extra Large: 37″W x 7’H Price: $649.00
Jumbo: 48″W x 8’H Price: $895.00